Anker PowerHouse, Compact 400Wh/120000mAh Portable Outlet, Generator Alternative Rechargeable Power Source with Silent DC/AC Inverter, 12V Car/AC/USB Outputs for Camping, CPAP or Emergency Backup

Clean and silent portable power for any device, any time, any place





Any Device, Any Time

Power even the most demanding devices.

Huge Compatibility

From car chargers to mini fridges.

Unrivalled Capacity

A colossal number of charges for any phone or tablet.

Power In Numbers

Only PowerHouse packs this much charge into such a small space.


Great Power, Great Responsibility

Great Power, Great Responsibility

A dedicated Battery Management System and other advanced safety features keep you and your devices protected.







A Life Saver

Essential power for any scenario.

Relying on medical equipment can be daunting away from home. Ensure you have clean, reliable
and safe power.





If you had a portable mains socket

you could take anywhere. Why wouldn’t you?







No Blackout

Blackouts remind us how important mains power is. Anker PowerHouse means you’ll never have another reminder.







In a humanitarian crisis,

PowerHouse could be the difference between life and death.







Don’t Leave Your Life at Home

The world’s smallest, most-portable 400Wh (Watt Hour) power supply. Designed to go anywhere you do.







Basic Information

    Name: PowerHouse

    DC Input: 16-17V/6A

    Dimensions: 200 x 145 x 165mm

    USB Output: 5V/6A

    Weight: 4.2kg

    DC Output: 12V/10A

    Included Accessories: Micro USB Cable, AC Adapter

    AC Output: 110V

    Capacity: 434Wh


Additional information

Weight4.5 kg





Model No


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