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Asus Rog Phone 3 12GB+512GB is the most powerful gaming phone to use the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 Processor 5G Mobile Platform with advanced 5G mobile communications capabilities. Built to satisfy even the most hardcore gamer, it has an amazing new 144 Hz / 1 ms display that leaves the competition standing. Alongside upgraded features like AirTrigger 3, you’ll find everything you loved about the previous generation, including a monster 6000 mAh battery, the unique side-charging design, dual front-facing speakers, and a full range of modular accessories. ROG Phone 3 sets the new standard for mobile gaming!





Powered by the world’s fastest Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 Plus 5G Mobile Platform, the latest LPDDR5 RAM and UFS 3.1 ROM, ROG Phone 3 delivers the ultimate in overall performance and gives you a super-smooth gaming experience.








The GameCool 3 cooling system in ROG Phone 3 uses an advanced 3D vapor chamber and a large heat sink that are precisely located to eliminate hotspots. The cooling system is incredibly effective at removing heat during full-speed operation via its specially designed vents.

This comprehensive cooling system allows ROG Phone 3 to easily sustain peak performance during heavy gaming sessions, eliminating throttling to give you an expert edge against the competition.




Aero Active Cooler

Aero Active Cooler

The Aero Active Cooler 3 clip-on external cooling fan delivers increased airflow to hotspots on the casing, particularly the area around the CPU and 5G chip. It can lower the surface temperature by up to 4°C5, but it’s still incredibly compact and connects easily to the side-mounted port.

The state-of-the-art thermal design of ROG Phone 3 ensures that you can always maintain full speed, no matter how long you play.






To fully unleash the absolute power of ROG Phone 3, the unique X Mode takes expert care of system-wide performance. X Mode lets you adjust and customize many system parameters to optimize the performance of your ROG Phone 3, and tailor it for every application and gaming scenario.







You can rely on the monster 6000 mAh battery in ROG Phone 3 to keep you going, even in the longest battles. There are multiple passive power-saving mechanisms — including multiple custom battery modes and an exclusive hibernate function — that significantly prolong the time between charges and also increase battery lifespan.







The new GameFX audio system on ROG Phone 3 is tuned in collaboration with audio optimization specialist Dirac, featuring dual front-facing stereo speakers that deliver powerful and immersive audio for your games. There’s also an all-new Game Mode that lets you pinpoint the location of players using a unique audio algorithm. Bigger speakers, more magnets and improved driver excursion amplify the volume so you can hear every movement to give you the gaming edge.







The AirTrigger 3 system introduces a brand-new way to interact with your ROG Phone 3, using motion sensor that allows you to control the action by simply tilting the phone for totally intuitive gaming. The ultrasonic touch sensors — located on the long edges of ROG Phone 3 — can be assigned to any in-game action for a console-like experience. The touch sensors now support more gestures, including slide, swipe and inner / outer button detection.






The ROG design and development team consists of real gamers who understand the key features that gamers need. They’ve used their in-depth expertise to create the ultimate gaming phone for serious mobile gamers.







ROG Phone 3 includes the most advanced version of Asus gaming enhancement app. This now includes a floating window to let you check your tactics without leaving the game. and comprehensive macro support to help automate some in-game processes such as grinding and looting. There’s also a hugely improved screen recording to let you capture every memorable moment — even if it’s already happened, thanks to the new automatic recording buffer!





Unparalleled Connectivity

The trend towards multiplayer games means that a constant, reliable connection is vital. With 5G and WiFi 6 support, ROG Phone 3 is more than fast enough. For ultra stable connections it now features Hyper Fusion technology. This allows simultaneous connections to WiFi and the mobile network, with intelligent redirection to whichever has the best signal. There are also multiple antennas to ensure your connection is always the best possible. With ROG Phone 3, you won’t miss anything!





Side Mounted Port

Side Mounted Port

Asus Rog Phone 3 12GB+512GB’s unique side-ported design is designed specifically to keep cables out of the way of your gameplay. So it never compromises your technique. you can charge it even while you’re gaming or live-streaming.






Quad Microphone System

ROG Phone 3 is equipped with a noise-canceling quad-mic array. It optimizes speech quality and also filters out background noise to deliver crystal-clear vocals.








Triple-camera system on Asus ROG Phone 3 Strix Edition With Sony IMX686 64 MP main wide-angle camera, an ultra wide 13 MP second camera, and a macro camera. Enhanced software features include a Pro Video Mode as well as Free Zoom. A 24 MP front camera for high-quality group selfies and live-streaming videos.






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