Dare to Impress

The Leica Triple Camera System accommodates your photography to help see the world in its entirety. This super camera system with a 40 MP Super Sensing Camera, a 16 MP Ultra Wide Angle Lens, and an 8 MP telephoto lens/ So, it gives you the freedom to capture the treasure and beauty of the world.

The Light Revolution

The colour sensing rule has been rewritten by HUAWEI from RGGB to RYYB for more light in all your images. The established cooperation among the HUAWEI SuperSpectrum sensor which contributes 40% increased light,1 ISP of Kirin 980 and the self-developed algorithm, provides a clear preservation of your memories during the day or night.

Based on results from HUAWEI lab tests compared to the sensor of HUAWEI P20 Pro.

See the Unseen in the Dark

See the splendor hidden in the night with up to ISO 204,800 on the HUHUAWEI P30 Black. Therefore, even in extreme dark situations, you are able to capture beautiful moments like a romantic candlelight dinner or fireflies dancing in the bushes.

This feature will only be available after HOTA update.

Backlight Challenger: HUHUAWEI P30 Black

Analyzing over hundreds of thousands of backlight and low light photos, AI HDR+ delivers clarity in your shots with the AI evaluating several frames and segmenting different parts of the photo to combine the best features. Moreover, the light and colour are balanced in different layers to bring your face into focus.

This photo is taken by HUAWEI P30 Pro. The photo quality is similar to HUWEI P30.

A Redefined Perspective

The Ultra Wide Angle Lens brings out enchanting beauty in the vastness of the sea, grandeur of the sky and maverick cityscapes. So, discover the magic of natural views from a broader perspective.

This photo is taken by HUAWEI P30 Pro. The photo quality is similar to HUWEI P30.

Spectacular Macro World

The world is yours to discover from 2.5cm close. So, see the finest details in life with a real macro lens. Moreover, be surprised by the exquisite structure and mechanism of the watch clock or the beautiful and delicate flower stamens.

This photo is taken also by HUAWEI P30 Pro. So, the photo quality is similar to HUWEI P30.

Turn Water Into Art

The HUAWEI AIS Long Exposure Shot is a perfect partner for travelling to capture the best nature has to offer. Moreover, turn bustling rivers or soothing ocean waves into your personal artistic masterpiece.

This feature will only be available after HOTA update. The photo quality is similar to HUWEI P30.

Reveal Your Radiance: HUHUAWEI P30 Black

The 32MP front camera on the HUHUAWEI P30 Black will intelligently recognise you to produce expert selfies by contouring your face with accurate brightness and sharpness. Your selfies will glow with stunning detail, even in overexposed backlight or during a night party.

This feature will only be available after HOTA update. The photo quality is similar to HUWEI P30.

A Delight of Colour

Drawing inspiration from the miraculous sky, the HUAWEI P30 mirrors the transfixing colour of light and space. Witness the beauty of rosy dawn, mid-day sky, the mysterious Aurora and darkness of night.

Intelligent Touch, Absolute Comfort

Precise design of the 6.1’’ OLED HUAWEI Dewdrop display provides you a broader and better viewing experience with vibrant colours shining in every way.

Hold the HUAWEI P30 comfortably with one hand, while a more advanced in-screen fingerprint sensor swiftly unlocks it.

With a rounded corners design on the Dewdrop display, the diagonal length of the screen is 6.1 inches when measured according to the standard rectangle (the actual viewable area is slightly smaller.)

Leap Towards the Future

The Kirin 980 is the world’s first 7nm mobile process chipset with stronger performance and lower power consumption. This innovative chipset plus up to 8GB of RAM and 128GB of memory storage, reveal a performance powerhouse in the HUAWEI P30.

RAM and ROM may vary in different markets.

Refuel in Minutes

Charging is no longer a hassle, but a painless task. Easily charge up your phone during breakfast or coffee break with the TÜV Safety Certified HUAWEI Supercharge.

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