Giving you a fun, hands-free way to capture and share

all of your visual moments.

At 1.61-inch square and weighing just under an ounce, ion Snapcam LE is a camera that captures HD video and 8MP photos and is so small you can truly wear it. This means it’s not only inconspicuous, but you can shoot hands-free. No need to hold up your iPhone or wear a bulky mount, with the SnapCam LE you can experience the moment and capture it.

Just attach, tap and snap.

The SnapCam LE is ready to shoot at a moment’s notice. It attaches to your clothing with the Snap LE Clip, and you just turn it on. Now you’ll never miss a shot because you were scrambling to find your phone; the SnapCam LE captures all of life’s everyday moments. Life happens in a snap, and you want to capture it while you can.

HD quality video

SnapCam LE shoots beautiful 1080p HD video, making it one of the first of its kind. It’s never been easier to shoot andshare your experiences.

Capture beautiful photos

Beautiful 8-megapixel picures. But great photos aren’t just measured in the number of megapixels. That’s why we’ve added a state-of-the-art sensor, so you just have to Tap N’ Snap the best most authentic images at a moments notice.

Built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

SnapCam LE comes with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi built-in, allowing you to connect and livestream from any smart device!

New ways to wear

The Snap LE Clip and Tripod Clip give you an easy way to wear your SnapCam LE. With their ergonomic features, they make taking pictures and videos a snap!

Storage and charging

The SnapCam LE Support a 2 GB-32 GB microSD memory card minimum class 10 (sold separately) for media storage. The battery is built directly into the camera and offers up to 3 hours of recording time on a full charge.

Small and suitable

Being slightly over a half inch wide the SnapCam LE is small so you wont even notice your wearing it. (As shown next to Apple iPhone 6, Phone Not Included).

Take 30 photos in 1 sec.

SnapCam LE comes with a burst photo mode that allows you to shoot 30 photos a second. You’ll never miss another shot again!

Easy-to-use button controls

The ion Snapcam LE easy-to-use button controls lets you cycle through single photo, video, timelapse, and burst shooting modes.

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