Breathe clean, odour-free and allergen-free airBreathe clean, odour-free and allergen-free air

xiaomi mi air purifier 2s OLED display
Laser particle sensor
3-layer filtration
Remote app control
Works with voice assistant







New OLED screen displays the quality of air you breatheNew OLED screen displays the quality of air you breathe

The newly added OLED display allows you to check PM2.5 levels in the room and keeps track of how clean your air is. It also shows the temperature and humidity levels.

AQI display丨 Favorite mode 丨Sleep mode 丨Auto mode





Automatic brightness adjustmentAutomatic brightness adjustment

The Mi Air Purifier 2S display automatically adjusts its brightness according to ambient light, so that your sleep is not disturbed






High-precision laser sensor

The highly accurate Particulate Matter (PM) sensor detects particles as small as 0.3 μm[1] and instantly displays the AQI on the OLED screen






Purifies your room in 10 mins

Xiaomi innovative air pressurization design allows the Mi Air Purifier 2S to provide fast & powerful air purification without taking up too much space. With a Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) of 310m/hr, it can effectively clean air in a space of up to 37m






3-layer filtration for maximum purification

360° cylindrical 3-layer filter

The outer layer removes large airborne particles such as dust and hair.
The middle layer uses H11-grade filtration technology from TORAY, Japan. This layer removes micron-sized particles and catches harmful bacteria.
The inner layer, made of high quality activated carbon, effectively removes formaldehyde, other harmful substances and odour.






Efficient tower-structure design

The classic tower-structure design, proven effective by two generations of air purifiers, ensures maximum efficiency while keeping a compact design. 943 intake holes help in increasing the air intake space and forming a 360° cyclical air filtration pathway.








Smart control with Mi Home App

Control the xiaomi mi air purifier 2s from anywhere using Mi Home App. Check the air quality, temperature and humidity, adjust the fan strength and set a timer to power on the purifier. The App also automatically notifies you when it’s time to replace the filter.








Silent and energy efficient

The Mi Air Purifier 2S is meticulously designed to reduce noise. In sleep mode, the sound produced is almost imperceptible. Equipped with Nidec motor from Japan, the purifier consumes only 4.8W power in normal mode, which is less than that of a fluorescent light bulb.



Additional information




Model No



Product name: Mi Air Purifier 2S
Product model number: AC-M4-AA

Dimensions: 240mm × 240 mm × 520 mm

Weight 4.5Kg (including filter)

Particulate matter CADR: 310m³/h
Effectiveness area: 21m² ~ 37m²

Rated Power: 29W
Standby power consumption: ≤ 2W
Rated input: AC 100-240 V
Rated frequency: 50 / 60Hz

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