Mi Electric Scooter Essential

Mi Electric Scooter Essential Enjoy the ride







Mi Electric Scooter Essential is designed for people who want to keep it light and easy. It uses a low-density, high-strength aerospace grade aluminum alloy, so that the net weight of the vehicle is only 12kg, making it easy to carry.










Mi Electric Scooter Essential features a minimalist design. Riding it will make you feel alive and make passersby envious.









3 seconds fast folding3 seconds fast folding

Thanks to the ingenious structural design, Mi Electric Scooter Essential can be folded in only 3 seconds. At a folded height of just 49cm, the vehicle is compact and takes up less space, making it easier to carry.





Minimalist controls, smart travelMinimalist controls, smart travel

Multi-functional dashboard

Accurate display of speed and
various ride stats

Comfortable foam grip

Increased comfort and improved
control experience


Smart connection to
unlock new functions

Connect the Mi Electric Scooter Essential to the Mi Home app to check riding stats, battery status and to upgrade firmware.






Max. power


Grade ability


Max. speed


Three speed modes, fast or slow, it's up to youThree speed modes,
fast or slow, it’s up to you

Pedestrian mode 5km/h

Standard mode 15km/h

Sports mode 20km/h



High safety power lithium battery
20km long battery life







New energy recovery system
Riding can also “power up”

The kinetic energy recovery system (KERS) has been fully upgraded. When braking or releasing the throttle while driving, the energy conversion is more efficient, further increasing battery life.





Brake once, activate two brakes

An E-ABS anti-lock brake system for the front wheel and a large disc brake for the rear wheel. Both are activated at the same time, shortening the braking distance, making driving safer.






New generation 8.5″ pneumatic tires

The puncture resistance and robustness have been comprehensively improved and the performance of the explosion-proof tires has also been greatly optimized. The durability of the 8.5″ tires has been increased by up to 3 times. Not only does it make for a smooth ride on flat roads, it is also very comfortable to ride on non-paved roads like gravel, dirt roads, and grass.





Large taillight

The new taillight is larger in size making it easier for others to spot, allowing you to drive safer at night.






Upgraded headlight
No dazzle, more comfortable lighting

The brand-new 2W headlight has high brightness and the irradiation distance reaches 10 meters. The lighting angle design has been optimized to stay below the line of sight to prevent headlight dazzle.




Front, side and tail reflectors for better visibility

Reflectors have been added on the front, on the sides, and to the tail light, further enhancing night visibility to keep you safe while driving at night.





Additional information




Model No



Product model number: DDHBC08NEB

Max. speed: 20km/h (Max speed for each mode: Pedestrian mode: 5km/h; D: 15km/h; S: 20km/h)

General range: 20km

Max. climbing angle: 10°

Braking: E-ABS and disc brake

Rated power: 250W

Max. power: 500W

Tires: 8.5" front and rear pneumatic tires

Controller undervoltage protection: 29V ± 0.5V

Controller current limit: 17A±0.5A

Motor type: Brushless low speed DC motor

Max.load: 100kg

Rider height: 120cm-200cm

Rider age: 16-50

Working temperature: -10°C to 40°C

Storage temperature: -20°C to 45°C

IP-rating: IP54

Charging time: 3.5 hours

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