Mi Portable Electric Air CompressorMi Portable Electric Air Compressor

Convenient electric tire pumping

Mi Portable Air Pump

Digital pressure sensing
Stops at set psi
Built-in lithium battery
Multiple compatibility






Digital display Detects tire pressureDigital display Detects tire pressure

Pre-set pressure Stops automatically

Compact and convenient Easy to carry

Powerful force Multiple uses







Wherever you travel, always be ready

Wherever you travel, always be ready

Ride farther and never have to fear a flat tire

The high precision alloy casting creates an air compressor capable of pumping 150 psi. Perfect for road bikes, it can also be used with most commonly seen bicycles.

Enough to power to fill 8 road bike tires

Pumping speed 3 minutes to fill one tire





Preparation is keyPreparation is key

Check tire pressure and handle unexpected issues

As seasons pass and the temperature changes, it is important to keep up with you tire pressure. If tire pressure becomes too low, it can become a threat to your safety. If you ever do find yourself with a flat tire, the MI Portable Electric Air Compressor is there to help out.







Explore without limitsExplore without limits

Ride on with power bank compatibility

Every trip requires careful preparation. The MI Portable Electric Air Compressor doesn’t need to be connected to a power source to work. Compact and light, its easy to hook to your bag. Long motorbike journeys are worry-free.







Keep it simple. Keep pressing forward.

This is where sports and technology meet

When inflating sports balls, you no longer have to guess about the inflation level. The MI Portable Electric Air Compressor accurately measures psi as it pumps, because your hard work deserves the best.





Segmented motion for durable use

The engine design allows the air compressor to both dissipate heat and reduce vibration so that it is comfortable to hold while using. Its 18650 motive power lithium battery is remarkably effi-cient and long lasting.








Built-in light for use at night

The LED bulb brightnes up your view while pumpimg.









Common charging port

Micro-USB charging port, compatible with typical smartphone data cables.


Additional information





Brand: Xiaomi
Product Name: Xiaomi Mi Portable Air Pump
Size: without air pipe 124 x 71 x 45.3 mm
Charging parameters: 5V = 2A
Battery capacity: 2000 mAh (14.8Wh)
Charging Time: less than 3 hours
Charging interface: Micro-USB
Working Noise: noise less than 80dB from 1 meter
Working temperature: Charging: 0C~45C, Discharge: -10C~45C
Storage temperature: -10C ~ 45C
Tracheal size: tracheal pull-out length 180mm, including nozzle (without thread) adapter
Inflation pressure range: 0.2 ~ 10.3bar/3 ~ 150psi
Sensor accuracy: +- 2psi

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