Premium Design

Premium Design

Ninebot Gokart Pro Lamborghini Edition Vibrantly designed with Lamborghini color scheme





Speed Indication

Equipped with Lamborghini exclusive speed indicator for visible speed Monitoring





Stylish Back Shape

Stylish Back Shape

Equipped with aerodynamic rear wing for a smooth back end airflow and stabilized body stand







Equipped with high-quality soft-wrapped bucket seat for a more comfortable ride






Premium Steering

Premium Steering

Equipped with high-quality, stable and non-slip steering wheel for a more accurate control







Mighty Blue

Uses an iced-lake blue color LED headlight for a better night riding experience







GoKart Pro

Lamborghini metal label Elegant and exquisite craftsmanship








Lamborghini front-lip design Equipped with TPE soft front lip with an impact cushioning feature, giving off an overall racing vibe.








Equipped with the newest air-cooling rear electric power motor

Equipped with the newest air-cooling rear electric power motor

The Ninebot GoKart Pro Lamborghini Edition is equipped with two new air-cooling rear electric power motor that achieves a maximum speed of 40km/h as its motor uses a dual-cooling structure and is capable of generating up to 1.02G accelaration force to give you a great full-push riding experience.





All-round ride excitement

The Ninebot GoKart Pro Lamborghini Edition can continuously run for 62 laps in a 400m race track as it uses an ultra-large battery pack that has a 4 air duct cooling design and maintains a stable energy supply.







Equipped with fast-release drifting rear tire

The Mi Ninebot Go Kart Pro Lamborghini Edition allows riders to easily achieve drifting dynamics while in full acceleration as it uses an all-new customized TPE sports drifting rear tire that went through an in-depth tuning.




Balanced body

Enjoy a more thrilling drifting experience with The Ninebot Gokart Pro Lamborghini Edition as it’s equipped with a 40:60 vehicle front and body ratio for a maximum drifting experience.





Exclusive power vector distribution system

The Mi Ninebot GoKart Pro lets you experience a different driving pleasure as it allows you to choose your preferred dynamic cornering lights and adjust the power of inner and outer wheel through the Ninebot app.






The frame is foldable and easily fits into the trunk of the car

Ninebot Gokart Pro adopts a foldable design for easy transportation, and can be placed after being fully folded.

Into the trunk of most cars.

*The size of the Ninebot Go kart Pro is 1040 x 852 x 459mm after folding. If you need to put it in the trunk, please follow this size before purchasing

Inches to measure the trunk space of your model.

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Weight100 kg



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Gokart Pro

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