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This phone by Nokia comes in a polycarbonate shell which protects the colour of the phone even when it is scratched. It comes with a built-in flashlight which lightens up your path in the dark and makes your journey hassle free. It comes with an ergonomic design which fits your hand better. It delivers a talk time of upto 15 hours and a display size of 1.8 inch QVGA for better viewing. The keypad of the phone is uniquely designed which keeps it free from dust and makes texting and calling easier.

Classic Ergonomic Design

This Nokia 105 comes with a classic ergonomic design. This fits your hand better and prevents from slipping and makes it perfect for your day to day usage.

Upto 15 Hours Talktime

This Nokia 105 delivers upto 15 hours of talk time and a month on standby. This helps you to use your phone by charging your phone less. You get your phone ready at any time of need.

1.8 inch QVGA Display Size

This phone by Nokia comes with 1.8 inch QVGA display size. This provides a better view while you are calling or messaging and also makes your phone look classy.

Micro-USB Charger

This phone by Nokia comes with micro USB charger port. This makes charging your device easier at any time.

Built-in Flashlight

This phone by Nokia comes with a built-in flashlight. Whenever you are alone in the dark this built-in flashlight of your phone will lighten up your path and make your journey hassle free.

Unique Keypad Design

This phone comes with a unique keypad design. This makes texting and dialling much easier and protects your keypad from dust.

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