Superlative 1000mAh battery

Your Phiips mobile phone comes packed with a standout 1000mAh battery for seamless and long lasting connections on the go. With such exceptional battery performance, you can banish nagging worries about missing important calls from both your professional and personal contacts. And when both work and family matters have been tackled to your satisfaction, you can hone in on transcendent gaming and surfing experiences on a single charge, thanks to the phone’s best-in-class power technology.

Dual SIM

The phone supports the use of two SIM cards. This is a useful option that allows you to choose the most convenient rates and save on mobile communication.

1.77″ TFT color display for vivid, colorful graphics

Put the fun and excitement of vivid and colorful graphics and photos right at your fingertips with the 1.77″ TFT color display that features good image quality and response time.

Enjoy FM music your way – out loud or via a headset

Enjoy the convenience of tuning in to FM radio the way you want – play it out loud through the phone’s speaker or via your headset. Just plug in the headset, which acts as an antenna and select your listening option in the menu.

Built-in flashlight

Why grope around in the dark for your keys or the light switch? Just rely on the handy built-in flashlight in your mobile phone to shed light on any situation.

Camera which can take pictures at VGA resolution

VGA = Video Graphics Array resolution (640×480 or 480×640 pixels)

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