20X Hybrid Zoom

This periscope zoom lens is accompanied by an ultra wide-angle lens and the primary camera. It gives realme X3 focal length from 16 mm to 51 mm, equivalent to the smooth zoom from 0.5X to 20X zoom.






Four different lens.

Shoot High-Resolution Pictures with the 64MP Primary Camera

f/1.8 Aperture
1/1.7“ Sensor Size

The flagship image sensor of the realme X3 can take 9,280 × 6,944 full resolution photos, four times that of a 4K TV. Even if the photos are cropped, they will still look crystal clear.





Nightscape? Capture the whole starry sky.

The light we see from stars travels for several light years, before appearing on our night sky to become a subject of wonder for people. To record these twinkling beauties, realme has developed the Starry Mode exclusively. It utilizes the AI algorithm combined with ultra-long exposure & multi-frame synthesis engine to intelligently enhance sharpness and color expression, giving you lit starry sky pictures.





Nightscape 4.0

Nightscape 4.0 has tailored two new creative features for photography enthusiasts.
Pro nightscape mode allows you to set ISO, WB, shutter speed, and focus distance, allowing you to experience joys of using manual mode.
Tripod mode intelligently provides 50 seconds of exposure time, allowing you to shoot photos featuring light trails and traffic streams.





For photography enthusiasts,Nightscape 4.0 also comes with AI Super Nightscape. It recognizes what is being captured and intelligently switches between Super and Ultra Nightscape Mode, giving you breathtaking night pictures every time.







Action camera? Experience the realme camera.

Become the next vlogging sensation. One smartphone is all you need.

The realme’s exclusive video UIS & UIS Max Ultra Image Stabilization technology uses smart AI algorithms and motion sensor data to eliminate shake in real time. This gives your phone the video stability to rival an action camera.




Just you? Or Group Selfie

32MP Dual In-display Selfie. More Ways to Selfie.






Unprecedented performance. Blazing speed!

UFS 3.0 Boost 1500MB/s Speed +83.3%

Read Speed +63.6% Write speed

The realme X3 series is equipped with UFS 3.0 Boost ROM and realme’s exclusive HPB & Turbo Writer technology, which can increase the theoretical read speed to 1500MB/s for faster app launches. *






Liquid Cooling System 12.5% Reduction in Temperature

The newly upgraded liquid cooling system has 100% effective coverage of internal heat sources. The vapor cooling tube is made of large 8 mm diameter copper tube, increasing the heat dissipation area by 176.9% and the heat dissipation volume to 410 mm³. As a result, the core temperature is greatly reduced to maintain performance and speed.





30W Dart Charge 100% Charge in 55mins

The realme X3 series is equipped with 30W Dart Charge for the first time – a unique low-voltage and high-current solution. Dart Charge will charge your phone four times faster than standard chargers. The new and improved battery significantly increases charging speed by 30%.






120Hz Ultra Smooth Display, Feel the speed.

The realme X3 series is equipped with 120Hz Ultra Smooth Display that truly is a feast for the eyes, to produce realistic and smooth visuals every time you touch the screen.






3D Quad-curved Glass Leading anti-glare technology

The realme X3 uses high precision abrasive etching technology for industry-leading anti-glare fingerprint-proof glass.





Game Space








Tactile Engine

The linear motor of Tactile Engine brings power and a very textured vibration experience to the realme X3 series, A smooth, comfortable and more immersive experience while gaming and chatting with friends.








Side Fingerprint










Dual-frequency GPS









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6GB, 8GB


Digital Storage Capacity


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