5G Speed Era
Get ready for the Future
Rush Hour

Ready for 5G

Network coverage around the world

Leading the 5G era with coverage of the world’s
mainstream 5G bands. The theoretical download
speed peaks at up to 3.45 Gbps, which is 10x higher
than 4G. It takes less than 10s to download an HD
movie, and live-streaming at 4K ultra-clear resolutions
is achieved without any buffering.*















Speed is Awesome

A New Era of Mobile Gaming





















The Speed Revolution

90 Frames Per Second

90Hz Ultra Smooth Display

180Hz Ultra-high Sampling Rate





Ultra Wide-angle Selfie

105° Ultra wide-angle lens captures 2.5x larger view than ordinary lens. This is the first smartphone to feature Edge Deformity Correction, and it can recognize faces and automatically optimize the face
contours when you capture on the edge of photo.*







Ultra NightScape

For the first time, realme has added
the Ultra NightScape to help you capture
the real night scenes. Even in the 1 Lux
low light environment, it can take clear,
bright, and high-quality night pictures.








Super Nightscape 3.0

Super Nightscape can capture various
night scenes. A picture of night view blockbuster can be taken with the mode of night view with enough light. While in terms of weak light, turn on the tripod mode to get the excellent quality night view picture after the long exposure.



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Model No

Realme X50





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