Red Magic 5G Protective Case

Red Magic 5G Protective Case

Convex structure, X shape, fine texture and complete protection all over With RedMagic 5G Protective Case




Cool New DesignCool New Design

It has an X shape and uses Kevlan tech to sculpt the texture. It fits perfectly with the style of Red Magic 5G, feeling sleek and competitive.





Comfortable grip and handlingComfortable grip and handling

Gives a comfortable grip feeling thanks to techniques used in precision injection and secondary injection molding processes, and combining PC & TPU materials.




Convenient and easy to useConvenient and easy to use

Using soft TPU material for the side, it is easy to remove and won’t damaging the phone.





Three-dimensional protection

Three-dimensional protection

Effectively dispersing impact force and providing all-round protection if you drop the phone on the ground.





Powerful partner for mobile E-Sports

RedMagic 5G Protective Case The new Kevlar texture gives you a beautiful appearance, comfortable grip feeling and full range of three-dimensional care on your new RedMagic 5G. It will make you join in mobile E-Sports wholeheartedly.


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