Comfortable and easy to useComfortable and easy to use

Roidmi F8E Vacuum Cleaner Its 270º handle makes effortless cleaning under furniture easier.

High-performance battery

Its lithium battery is fully charged in just 2.5 hours.

40-minute range

Its battery lasts up to 40 minutes in normal mode and up to 10 minutes in turbo mode


Two vacuum cleaners in one

Two vacuum cleaners in one

Roidmi F8E Vacuum, it also becomes a handheld vacuum cleaner weighing only 1.3 kg, which helps clean multiple surfaces comfortably.


Youthful and innovative design

Roidmi F8E Vacuum Cleaner combine elegance with innovation, applying minimalism as a concept. Thanks to that, they have received major design awards, such as the Red Dot Award and German iF Award.





Choose the power you need

Choose the power you need

Roidmi F8E has two power levels adapted to the user’s needs, which can be changed easily by the push of a button. Their lights will also help you check the battery status and dust container.









It filters and purifies air

It filters and purifies air

It has 4 filters including a HEPA filter and a sponge which can absorb PM-O3 particles. Thanks to this advanced system, the Roidmi F8E helps eliminate over 99% of allergens and releases purified air.









Forget about the trigger

Roidmi F8E Vacuum Cleaner have won international awards thanks to their ergonomic design, which allows their use in any situation with one hand and without having to pull any trigger. Its 270º handle also helps clean under furniture with barely any effort.









Versatility as a concept

Roidmi F8E has multiple accessories adapted to the different surfaces in your home.







And More…. Lot More







Weight & Dimensions    

Product weight: 2.4kg

Package weight: 5.2kg

Product size (L x W x H): 1191 × 259 × 158mm

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Additional information

Weight3500 kg

Roidmi, Xiaomi


Model No

F8 Lite, F8E

Roidmi F8E Specification

Rated voltage: 22.2V
Total rated power: 300W
Battery capacity: 2200mAh/48Wh
Charging limited voltage: 25.8V
Charging time: 2.5h
Dust cup capacity: 0.4L
Using time: 40 min
Electric brush head power: 35W
Noise: 75dB (A)
Color: White

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