Flat Travel Adapter

Don’t risk running out of power at the moment when you need your mobile phone the most. By keeping the Samsung Travel Adapter Charger handy while at home or at the office, you can be sure that your Samsung Galaxy or other micro USB compatible Device will always be fully charged and ready to go.





Perfect for world traveler

The Samsung Flat TA charger can be used across regions despite the various electrical current. Just plug it into an outlet using the appropriate plug adapter.

Additional information





Area: AE

Color: White

General Feature
Packaging Contents: Travel Adapter Unit, USB2.0 Cable

Physical specification
Dimension (WxHxD, mm): 49.15 x 28.00 x 68.65 mm

Output Current: 2000 mA

Weight: 55.5 g

Output Voltage: 5 V

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