Better than imaginedBetter than imagined

Xiaomi Trouver Solo 10 9D full performance excellence SOLO 10 comprehensive

parameter maxed out the industry

Motor precision to 0.0025g | 18kPa Suction

The host as light as 1.4kg | 48min battery life(max)

LED color display | Excellent heat dissipation


High-speed and Powerful MotorHigh-speed and Powerful Motor

The new generation AERO 3.0 high-speed motor equipped with Xiaomi Trouver Solo 10 makes it possible to upgrade the overall technology of the vacuum cleaner.

8W high-speed motor

18kPa suction Suction



Excellent heat dissipation

DualCool air cooling optimization, full heat dissipation.

Air-cooled Self-regulating system

No more power consumption to maintain suction

No air-cooled Self-regulating system


48 min Long Lasting Running Time

Light and flexible Solo 10 makes your life better. Efficient cleaning of full-house area at one time.

48 min long battery life

22 min high power

8 min super-high power



Solo 10

A vacuum cleaner for young people Simple to use, fast improve your life happiness.





0.05mm soft velvet roller brush, delicate touch

0.05mm soft velvet roller brush, delicate touch

Efficiently remove dust and particles on the floor surface and crevices, reduce indoor dust and floating objects, and improve indoor air quality.

49mm large diameter roller brush preventing hair entanglement

Large diameter roller brush mounted on SOLO10 is driven by high-speed motor, solves the problem of cleaning human and pet hair.


Multi-cone cyclone dust collectionMulti-cone cyclone dust collection

Low filter element pressure, save consumables, Intercept the particles larger than 0.3um, clean exhaust




5-layer fine filtration

Intercept the particles larger than 0.3um

HEPA filter

High density sponge

Multi-cone cyclone separation

Cellular filtering Cyclone filtration


5-fold noise reduction

Noise reduction and dust removal, less life interference | Motor damping technology Reduce resonance noise

Sealed connection of components Reduce friction noise | Exhaust channel design Reduce exhaust noise

High speed brushless motor Reduce rotor operating noise | Streamlined air duct Reduce wind resistance and noise


6-core 2000mAh high-energy battery

Intelligent power supply management system for real-time monitoring of battery and current statuses, dynamic adjustment of reasonable ratio, and battery life meeting the cleaning requirements of the whole house.




One key to switch vacuuming mode

Two-in-one flat suction brush for flexible cleaning in multiple scenes



Detachable dust collection tank

The filter and dust cup can be disassembled in detail for cleaning.

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