All-round evolutionAll-round evolution

Mi Air Purifier Pro H bacteria and viruses Powerfully eliminate formaldehyde Efficiently filters out bacteria, viruses, PM2.5 and allergens Powerful new air flow for fast purification





A complete 360° solution is neededA complete 360° solution is needed

Is the air you breathe really clean? formaldehyde is constantly being off-gassed by our furniture and bacteria, viruses, allergens such as pollen odors from daily living as well as harmful gases can also be found in the air, all of which may affect our breathing.




Complete purification of the house Breathing starts here

With its high-performance and high-efficiency filter, the healthier and fully upgraded Mi Air Purifier Pro H features superior purification power and greatly improves indoor air quality.

Greater circulation, ultra-strong purification power

The Mi Air Purifier Pro H is equipped with a dynamic power system, taking purification to a whole new level. The classic tower structure creates a greater circulation of indoor air which can quickly purify deep into the corners of spaces as large as 72 m2.



Fully upgraded filter Deeper filtration for more complete purification

The Mi Air Purifier Pro H filter is made from highly efficient material that filters out 99.97% of 0.3 um PM the inner layer is made from a column of high-quality catalytic activated carbon that powerfully absorbs harmful gases such as formaldehyde and toluene as well as odors, offering long-term purification without producing unpleasant smells.







Eliminates everyday odors such as kitchen smells,

secondhand smoke and more Enjoy fresh air as if being in the forest every day

Kitchen fumes, food odors, bathroom odors, secondhand smoke and pet odors can all linger in indoor air and be hard to remove. The Mi Air Purifier Pro H effectively eliminates all kinds of odors and keeps the air in your home fresh.




The filter can be used for up to 14 months

The Mi Air Purifier Pro H is equipped with a new, large filter that features a large surface area. high-efficiency filter paper and powerful, activated carbon to deliver high-efficiency purification and long-lasting cleanliness.






New powerful air flow system

Delivers up to 10,000 liters of purified air per minute

The powerful combined air-flow system has plenty of power to provide greater air circulation throughout the whole room and purifies at twice the speed for greater peace of mind.





Intelligently designed for the best user experience

Three preset speed modes One-touch control for all your purifying needs

The Air Purifier Pro H has three preset speed modes featuring one-touch control, making it easy for kids and seniors to use.

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