Small Size Easy To CarrySmall Size Easy To Carry

What does the cool toy you dream off look like? It freely flies above the ground and everywhere becomes the flying playground It will be more perfect if it can show stunt and have a combat with others Mi Drone Mini makes joy accessible!

One Tap Ascend/Descend
50 M Remote Control
25 M Flight Mode




Small Body, Great TechnologySmall Body, Great Technology

4-core processors, 5 sensor

Mi Drone Mini is equipped with 4-core 1.2G SOC main control chip, which can rapidly process data collected by ultrasonic, pressure gauge and optical flow sensor. Paralleled with the standalone shock absorbing structure, it may achieve precise hovering at the specific altitude and point, apart from steady flight and precise direction. The battery capacity is 920mAh while the flight duration can be up to 10 minutes.




It Is Brilliant At Flying And Performing Various Skills.

The flight is high, steady and cool. Mi Drone Mini boasts not only exceptional flight performance, but also multiple control modes and skills. It gives you joy beyond imagination, and makes you become the center of attention among your fellows.





Have An Exceptional Aerial Combat

Multiple unit infrared battle Multiple play tricks can fully amuse yourself. The Inge-nious infrared battle mode may enable a great fun be-tween you and others! Multiple Mi Drone Mini simultaneous-ously can bring the thrilling 3D reality combat. In addition to the fierce aerial combat and astonishing combat effect, candidates may win the honor badge! Go and ask your buddies to have a combat!

Under the infrared battle mode, when the effect strike position in the nose or tail of Mi Drone Mini is hit, the blood level will gradually decrease. When the blood volume is 0, the drone cannot continue to launch the attack. You may choose to re-join the battle or exit the game.





Remote Control, HD WiFi Video Transmission Record Precious Moment

Mi Drone Mini adopts 5.8Hz high frequency signal Wi-Fi characterized by big band-width, low time delay and strong anti-jamming capacity. With remote control distance up to 50m,it can carry out FPV HD video transition. The 720P camera gives you a new self ie perspective. The memory is up to 4GB to secure your shooting at free will.

5.8GHz High frequency signal WI-Fi
FPV HD Wi-Fi video transmission
1600 x 1200 photo resolution
1280 x720 Video resolution


Mini Light Body Portable And Convenient For Play

The shaft distance is only 11cm while the net weight is only 88 grams. Because of the small and light body, Mi Drone Mini is easy to carry!






Concise Outlook, Durable Body

For its concise outlook and unique style, Mi Drone Mini is unforgettable. The outstanding structure design and machining workmanship make all body joints tight. Apart from the unique integrated frame structure design, the body strength and light weight have been taken into consideration. The body is made of the low-density and highly ductile special composite material, more durable and safer. The propeller is added with the highly ductile composite material, making it more durable and unable to break.



Bluetooth Game Handle Control Feel The Sheer Control Joy

Do you want to experience the sheerer control joy? Mi Drone Mini is compatible with Bluetooth game handle control. It may give you better control feeling, give full play to the drone performance and bring you more pleasure.

Additional information






Model No



Dimensions: 91 x 91 x38 mm
Wireless Connectivity: WI-FI IEEE 802.11a 5GHz
Shaft Distance: 114mm
Input: 5V==1A
Model: YKFJ01FM
Controllable Range: 50m
Net Weight: 88g
Controllable Height: 25m
Battery Capacity: 920mAh
Storage Space: 4GB
Charging Time: Approx. 60min
Auxiliary Positioning Devices: Ultrasonic + Visual Sensor
Battery Life: Approx. 10min
Max. Photo Resolution: 1600 x 1200
Operating Temperature: 0℃ ~ 40℃
Max. Video Resolution: 1280 x 720

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