Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Stronger suction and lighter body



New generation AERO 4.0 High-speed motorNew generation AERO 4.0 High-speed motor

Only 50mm in diameter start-up time is as fast as 0.4 second Minimum dynamic balance calibration precision to 0.0029






Take-and-use lightness Clean up fast and spotless

With renewed performance, applicability and dynamics POWER 11 swiftly sucks the floor spark clean of dust microorganisms and mites before the imminent arrival of guests





Suction brush for mite and hair on fabrics extremely clean everywhere

Automatic flapping, sweeping and sucking of human / pet hair, mite, dust and dander deep hidden in fabrics





2-in-1 Flat suction brush suitable for multiple scenarios

2-in-1 Flat suction brush suitable for multiple scenarios

An efficient dust solution for furniture, seams, corners, door rail, seats….






Ergonomic designed handle

The motor and battery are placed at the back head and end of the handle with reduced torque and balanced weight, while the center of gravity of the machine is set closer to the arm for easy cleaning at heights





Movable floor rack free from wall openings

Firm and space-saving movable floor rack that holds the machine in perfect balance and stores suction head accessories





One button replacement of battery pack

Lifespan is doubled and extended





LED display real-time operation statusLED display real-time operation status

Suction gear

Remaining battery

Fault reminding




2,500mAh lithium battery

60Min Long battery

25 Mint High power

10 Min Super-high



Multi-cone cyclone dust collection

Centrifugal filtration

HEPA filter is pressure-free, save consumables easily five-layer fine filtration, intercept the particles larger than 0.3um clean exhaust




Detachable split dust cupQuick emptying & water rinsing

The dust cup allows quick emptying without staining the hand; the strainer and cup can be disassembled for rinsing to keep from germ at the source





Split dust cup

Emptying / Easy disassembling & rinsing with a single press

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